YOUR Higher Ground Thought For Tuesday (03-15-16)


I met George Zuraw, an exceptional man and professional scout for the Cincinnati Reds, when I coached high school baseball in the early 1970’s. He took me under his wing and let me help him at a lot of tryout camps. He then opened the doors that allowed me to coach baseball at Florida State University and at the very innovative Kansas City Royals Baseball Academy. I called him a few weeks ago and he told me an acronym that he used to write on a small number of scouting reports. He used KHTP to designate a young man who Knows How To Play. Number crunching and sabermetrics have skyrocketed into the athletic world in recent years and they certainly have value. But, there is still immense value in the quality of Knowing How To Play. Let’s be careful about overusing numbers to project performance, whether it is in athletics or any other part of life. Promise yourself to look deeper inside people. Often, internals can trump externals.

Go to the ant, you sluggard; observe its ways and be wise!
~Proverbs 6:6 NET

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